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Is Farm King really that bad?

A column that appeared on the Chronicle of Higher Education’s website caught my eye while I was scrolling through my Twitter feed the other day because it seemed to address something I’ve been thinking about lately.

The headline read: “When It’ll Never Be a Good Fit,” and it reminded me of some recently graduated friends of mine who are searching for not just any job, but a job they think they can actually be happy with. As we are constantly reminded, it’s tough out there, but should we accept any job that comes our way even if we think we’re going to hate it? Or should we hold out for something better?

This column makes the valid point that “even in a market that mainly favors the employers,” we have to be picky sometimes. But what really struck me about this article was how the columnist seemed to take derogatory jabs at a small town she visited for a job interview. She was going for a professorship at an unnamed university (which has since been identified on a blog as Western Illinois University) and hated the town it’s based in. Here are some of the most offensive lines from her piece:

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